Goods in Transit Insurance

Due to the high risk of transporting goods in South Africa, it is essential to have the right type of insurance to protect your business.

Shipping Goods in Transit

Goods in transit can be the most vulnerable of commercial assets. The risks involved in transporting goods are quite different from those involved in the transportation of other personal property. The government does not regulate the transport industry but instead provides a service to which the country’s laws do not apply. Thus, it is entirely up to each individual to ensure that the legalities and hazards involved are taken into account when determining the risks associated with shipping goods in transit.

goods in transit

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Why it is Important to Have Insurance of Goods in Tansit

There are various hazards that can cause loss or damage to goods in transit. These include:

  • Hazardous environments: Transporting goods in transit will often involve a high risk of exposure to hazards in the process of transport. Any form of disturbance, accident, or leakage of hazardous materials could put individuals in danger and pose additional risks that could increase the costs associated with the transportation of goods in transit.
  • Hard ground: Hard-ground cargo is generally not suitable for the transportation of goods in transit because of the risks of falling off the truck during the journey, skidding off the side of the car, impact with a hard surface on the truck bed, and damage caused by snow and rain. The material could also become damaged by getting in contact with a person at any point along the road; therefore, it is not suitable for the transportation of goods in transit.
  • Personal belongings: The transportation of goods in transit involves the risk of being stolen, exposed to dangerous conditions, and exposed to public exposure. The risk of having personal items stolen, in particular, will significantly increase with each stage of the process. People on the road are at risk of being exposed to contaminated liquids and agents, which can expose them to diseases that could potentially cause long-term health problems.
  • Containerized freight: The containerized freight industry refers to the movement of containers from one point to another. The risk involved with the shipment of goods in transit is high because boxes may not be able to absorb every shock or potential hazard that could occur during the voyage.
  • Cargo volume: The cargo volume can determine the risk associated with the shipment of goods in transit. By contrast, the amount of risk that can be transferred from the commodity, if a sudden change occurs, can also affect the amount of risk involved.
  • Packing: The packaging method can also be considered as a risk factor that increases the risks of the shipment of goods in transit. When commodities are packed in hard cardboard, peanuts, bubble wrap, bubble wrap, or similar synthetic products, the risk of exposure increases significantly.
  • Common sense: Because transportation is a regulated industry and, as a result, is subjected to strict regulatory laws, the risks associated with goods in transit can be reduced, thereby increasing the costs involved. This is particularly the case when the goods being transported in transit are items that could be fragile, are dangerous, are sensitive to external influence, or when they are purchased from businesses that have minimal regulation or enforcement.

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The chance of goods being exposed to undesirable conditions or pollutants is usually high during the process of transportation. The risks involved with transport in general and transport of goods in transit can be reduced through the use of appropriate equipment and handling procedures.


When the actual purchase or shipment of goods is done via the internet, the dangers involved can be reduced by the use of proper handling procedures. The purchase or transfer of products via the internet can be a hazardous business, so proper documentation and records must be maintained to facilitate the evaluation of the risks involved.


The prospective buyers should, therefore, be aware of the potential dangers involved in shipping goods in transit and, as a result, should use the internet to get the best possible price. This will help eliminate the risks involved with shipping goods in transit and consequently will lead to lower prices for products in transit.

Get Goods in Transit Insurance Quotes Here

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