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Taxify (now known as Bolt) has gained a lot of popularity in South Africa, as it offers lower rates than Uber.

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What is Bolt/Taxify?

Bolt (formerly known as Taxify) is an innovative e-hailing transportation service provider that has been making waves in the rideshare industry since 2013. It was founded by Markus Villig, and the company currently operates in over 45 countries around the world. The goal of Taxify is to make transportation more convenient for its customers by providing a reliable, affordable and comfortable ride experience.

Taxify insurance

Taxify offers several features that make it stand out from other ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft. For example, passengers can pre-book their trips up to 7 days in advance so they don’t have to worry about being late on any occasion. With Taxify, you also get access to real-time traffic information so you know which routes are faster and less congested than others; this helps passengers save time when traveling from one destination to another. In addition, Taxify provides fare estimates before each trip, so there are no surprises at the end of your journey!

Another great feature offered by Taxify is its “Split Fare” option – allowing multiple people to pay for their own part of a single fare – which makes it easier for friends or family members who are travelling together but need separate payments made for their portion of the trip cost. Additionally, all riders have access to 24/7 customer support should they ever encounter any issues while using the app or during their ride itself; this ensures that everyone gets quality help whenever needed!

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For drivers partnering with Taxify, there are also plenty of benefits available as well: everything from high driver ratings (which increases earnings potential), flexible hours, weekly bonuses, and even discounts on fuel costs. Drivers can also enjoy a simplified tax filing process through the company’s website portal, enabling them to easily manage income taxes without having to deal with complicated paperwork every year!

Overall, Taxify has established itself as one of the most popular ride-sharing solutions today, thanks in part due to its comprehensive range of features designed specifically with both riders and drivers alike in mind, ensuring everyone enjoys great value for money when using its services. So, whether you’re looking for an easy way back home after work, or planning ahead for your next big weekend adventure – rest assured that Taxify will be there ready to help get you where you need to go quickly & safely!

Taxify (now known as Bolt) has gained a lot of popularity in South Africa, as it offers lower rates than Uber.

For Taxify drivers, it is enough to stress about keeping your passengers happy, getting them to their destination on time, and sitting in traffic all day. We do not want you to stress about your insurance either. That is why we offer Taxify insurance quotes to give you peace of mind!

Why do you need Taxify/Bolt Insurance?

Taxify insurance will give you peace of mind as you will have comprehensive vehicle cover while driving your passengers around. The cover typically includes roadside assistance, passenger liability insurance, and personal accident cover. Theft and hijacking are also included in the policy.

Car insurance provides protection from financial losses due to accidents or other damage caused by another driver. It covers medical expenses, property damage, lost wages and even legal fees should you be sued after an incident. Even if you don’t cause the accident yourself, having car insurance will ensure that you are not left with hefty repair bills or out-of-pocket costs for medical care following a collision. The cost of car insurance varies depending on factors such as age, driving history and vehicle type, but many companies offer discounts when insuring multiple vehicles – ideal for those operating as Taxify drivers!

In addition to providing peace of mind in case of an accident, having adequate car insurance will also prove beneficial when claiming compensation through your insurer should one of your passengers leave behind any items during their journey – something that could happen unwittingly at times! Furthermore, having sufficient coverage will make sure you’re covered against theft or vandalism should these unfortunate events occur during one of your trips.

Ultimately then, there’s no question about whether Taxify users need car insurance; the answer is yes! By taking out suitable cover before signing up as a driver with this company, you can ensure both personal safety and financial security regardless of what happens on the roads ahead.

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Passenger Liability Cover

You need to have passenger liability insurance to transport paying customers. This is required to be covered in the event of an accident.

What is Passenger Liability Insurance?

Passenger Liability Insurance is a type of insurance designed to protect passengers from the financial losses associated with an accident, injury or other incidents that occur during the course of their ride. This coverage typically covers medical expenses, lost wages, and personal property damage.

It’s important for all drivers—especially those who transport people frequently—to have adequate passenger liability coverage because it provides protection against potential lawsuits that could be brought against you should something happen while someone was riding in your vehicle. Without proper coverage in place, you could end up financially responsible if someone has an injury or has property damages due to your negligence behind the wheel; so make sure you always have sufficient levels of protection before allowing anyone else into your car!

Getting Taxify Insurance Quotes

You do not need to pay more for insurance than necessary. Compare quotes from some of the top insurers in South Africa and get the most out of your policy, while still saving money on your monthly premium. Enter your details on the form provided on this page to let an agent find you a quote for the most affordable plan options. For personal car insurance quotes, click here.

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What is required for Taxify Insurance Cover?

You will be asked for the following:

  1. A PRdP
  2. A criminal background check
  3. Vehicle inspection that is done at the Taxify office (not required if the car is new)
  4. Valid license disc
  5. Permit or Operating License from the Department of Transport
  6. You will also need a Smartphone with a GPS.

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