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In the circumstances we live in today, it is getting more and more vital for vehicle owners to have some insurance policy for their cars. Because of all the potholes, the roads are not safe anymore. Workers protest on a weekly basis and vandalize the cars of passing motorists. Hijackings statistics are getting out of hand, and many reckless drivers are on the road nowadays. These are some of the reasons why motorists get insurance policies.

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Hollard offers many insurance options to South African drivers to ensure they are covered in a variety of situations. The three popular car insurance options they provide are the following:

  1. Comprehensive Car Insurance – This will cover you against accidents, theft, weather damage, claims from third parties, as well as windscreen repairs.
  2. Lite Cover – This is a flexible insurance option with lo excesses, for people who are on a budget. You can choose the amount you want to insure your car against, which will pay out in cash when you claim. Your vehicle will still be covered in full should it get stolen or hijacked. Third parties are also covered.
  3. Limited Cover – This policy will protect you if your car gets stolen or damaged due to fire. Third-party accidental damage is also included.

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Additional car insurance options include:

  1. Cover against damaged tyres
  2. Car hire
  3. Classic car insurance
  4. Off-road cover
  5. Scratch & dent cover
  6. Death/disability cover in the event of an accident
  7. Legal cover
  8. Windscreen/window damage
  9. Extended warranty
  10. Long-term storage cover

As you can see, Hollard has many different options available to help you customize your policy to suit your budget and your needs. If you are interested in products from Hollard, please contact them or visit their website directly.

hollard vehicle insurance

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  1. Hollard is an excellent insurance company. I have been with them for years now, and never had any problems with claims. Would recommend them to anyone.

    1. Hi Carolyne

      You can visit Hollard’s website at https://www.hollard.co.za/ where you will see a “Call Me Back For a Quote” submission form. Just complete your details here to receive a call-back from a friendly Hollard representative who will be willing to answer all your questions!

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